Twin Lights of Navesink
Highlands, New Jersey
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Updated in April 2011
Name: Twin Lights of Navesink Lighthouse / Navesink Lightstation
Nearest City: Highlands, New Jersey
Location: 2 Light House Road Highlands, NJ 07732 732-872-1814
Body of water: Sandy Hook Bay & Atlantic Ocean
Style of lighthouse: Integral
Lens & Location: 6th Order Fresnel Lens is in the lantern room of the north tower
Other Lens: 1st Order Fresnel Lens is on display in the generator building
Lighthouse Website:
Organizations: Twin Lights Historical Society
Groups to join: New Jersey Lighthouse Society
Owned by: NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection Division of Parks & Forestry
Managed by:
National Register of Historic Places: Since February 17, 2006
National Historical Landmark: Since February 17, 2006
Do the grounds have lodging: No
Web Cams: No
On a license plate: No
On a USPS Stamp: No
Haunted: No
Other Lighthouse Information:
The Twin Lights of Navesink lighthouses resembles chess pieces and the length of the towers are 320 feet. Itís the highest point of land on the Atlantic Coast in the continental USA. In 1841 they were the home of the USAís 1st Order Fresnel Lenses. They were also the 1st to have the lens fueled by mineral oil (kerosene) in 1883. This was the 1st electrically powered lighthouse in 1898. The New York skyline is 15 miles away. On October 28, 2006 a ceremony was held to celebrate it's National Landmark Status. For one night in June 2008 for 20 minutes a lamp was lit in the south tower for a video documentary. Itís been over a century since they were both lit. The north tower is open for climbing but the south tower is open only during the NJLHC or special events. On September 11, 2008 the flagpole was erected again and the rededication ceremony was on October 18, 2008 during the NJ Lighthouse Challenge. For the Christmas holiday the south tower has strings of lights in the shape of a tree. It's great to see that while driving over the Highlands Bridge.
The Lighthouse Hunters Experience:
We can see both towers distantly from our home. I climbed the 64 steps of the north tower on November 24, 2007 and the 65 steps of the south tower on October 17, 2010 during the Lighthouse Challenge. There's a great view from the towers overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Sandy Hook Bay. The 2 ½ year construction of the new Highlands Bridge gives a different look when shooting from across the water.
Photographed it: 20 around times, the last visit was on March 15, 2011
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Latitude: 40.39624 Longitude: -73.98572
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Twin Lights of Navesink Lighthouse
Photo taken on January 3, 2007
Twin Lights of Navesink Lighthouse
Photo taken on May 4, 2006
Twin Lights of Navesink Lighthouse
Photo taken on November 16, 2007
Twin Lights of Navesink Lighthouse
Photo taken on February 16, 2007
Twin Lights of Navesink's South tower
Twin Lights of Navesink's North tower
Photos taken April 27, 2006 & March 7, 2007
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