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My husband Tommy and myself, Christine, met in the winter of 1988 when I started my postal career at the Post Office. Tommy retired from being a Letter Carrier after almost 40 years and I was a Letter Carrier for 18 ½ years. We worked side by side in the office/road for over a decade.

For over twenty years we've been photographing lighthouses of North America. Our love for lighthouses first began in Nova Scotia. Photographing those few lighthouses sparked an interest that turned into our major obsession. Our first official lighthouse trip was in New Brunswick, Canada back in 1997. For years we'd to go on 2-3 lighthouse vacations a year. We try to see as many lighthouses as we can during our lighthouse vacations which takes a lot of planning. We often hire captains for our boat and plane charters.

We've photographed 1,616 lighthouses so far in the United States and Canada. To photograph a lighthouse we've traveled all the coasts of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and the American and Canadian sides of the Great Lakes. In Canada we've photographed lighthouses in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador. In the USA we've photographed 829 out of the 832 lighthouses, that's 99% of our country's lighthouses we've seen. In Canada we've photographed over 785 lighthouses plus a few that were destroyed. The few American lighthouses we haven't seen yet either require a charter boat or charter plane because they are far off-shore. We love the clouds, rocks, trees and water surrounding the lights.

We love the adventure of finding and photographing lighthouses, though some are strenuous! We've both have fallen, slipped, and tumbled during our treks. During our lighthouse excursions on the land, water or air we've been through all types of weather. Some days have been better than others. In 2004 we were in our 1st seaplane in Florida and a prop-plane in Hawaii. In 2005 we were in 4 float planes and a wheel plane in Alaska. In 2007 we were in a wheeled plane in Maine. In 2010 we chartered planes in Michigan and California. We especially loved photographing California's Point Conception lighthouse and cliffs. For 2018 we saw 14 of the Florida Key lights from a wheeled plane. Luckily the motion sickness patch works! We love to see the lights from the different heights.

The interior of our home is decorated in a nautical theme. We proudly display our beautiful lighthouse photographs from our lighthouse vacations. They're great conversation pieces and everyone is amazed when they hear the stories! We're members of the American Lighthouse Foundation, the Great Lake Lightkeepers Association, the Chesapeake Chapter of the USLHS, the New Jersey Lighthouse Society, and New England Lighthouse Lovers In March 2006, I entered 3 lighthouse photos in the NJ Lighthouse Society's annual photo contest and 2 of my photos won. My East Point Lighthouse in NJ won 1st place and my Bodie Island in NC won 2nd place. Awesome for my first time entering a contest.
On October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit us hard. We rebuilt our home in 2013 and then raised our home in 2014. What an ordeal.

Please call or email me with questions about North American lighthouse vacations. If you send me a horizontal photo of you with a lighthouse I'll put it on our Fellow Hunters page with your name, lighthouse name and lighthouse location. Since I started a group on Facebook in July 2010 we have over 1,876 lighthouse enthusiasts talking about lighthouses and sharing lighthouse photos.
The Lighthouse Hunters Group on Facebook.