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GLLKA and Keweenaw Star Sept. 2009
This is the GLLKA group on the Keweenaw Star at the end of our September 6-9, 2009 trip. We photographed many of the lighthouses of the Upper Peninsula and went through the Soo Locks to Charlevoix, MI.
Thanks to Terry Pepper for the photo.
GLLKA and Keweenaw Star June 2010
This is the GLLKA group on the Keweenaw Star at the end of our June 27-30, 2010 trip. We began in Holland, Michigan photographing our way through Indiana, Illinois, to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin ending up in Charlevoix, MI.
Thanks to Terry Pepper for the photo.
NELL Spring Trip 2011
Our NELL group left Alexandria Bay, NY and motered 110 miles in 11 hours on May 14, 2011. We saw Sunken Rock, Rock Island, Tibbetts Point, East Charity Shoal, Galloo Island, and the Wolfe Island lights. Pigeon Island hid in the thick fog. A good trip with 2 new lights. This is Tom Kenworthy's photo.
GLLKA and Keweenaw Star June 2011
This is the GLLKA group on the Keweenaw Star at the end of our June 27-30, 2011 trip. We photographed the lights of northern Lake Michigan and Green Bay ending up back in Charlevoix, MI. Another great trip on the Keweenaw Star with GLLKA. Thanks to Terry Pepper for the photo.
NELL Fall Trip 2011
This is the New England Lighthouse Lovers aka NELL group on Sept. 10, 2011. This was after their Boothbay Harbor cruise to several lighthouses in Maine. The following day the group went on another boat to see the Franklin Island and Pemaquid Point lights. Thanks to Doug Scott for the photo.
GLLKA on Isle Royale July 2013
We 37 GLLKA members had the Sea Hunter III take us to see the Rock of Ages and Menagerie Island lighthouses in fog. The Sandy boat took us to Passage Island and Rock Harbor lighthouses, hiked to them both and climbed Rock Harbor all on July 8, 2013. July 9th was foggy again.
ChesLights Group in Baltimore, MD
We 70 members of the Chesapeake Chapter of the USLHS were on the Watermark Annapolitan II on August 2, 2014. The captain didn't get us close to the lights and didn't allow much time for pictures. We sped through Baltimore Harbor and beyond. Luckily I already got great shots years ago.
USLHS at Carysfort Reef in FL
Looks like there must be 50 people on the charter boat from the United States Lighthouse Society. They just finished taking their photos of the Carysfort Reef light with the beautiful water in 2012. We will get a charter one year soon. Thanks to Jenn Idell for the photo.
Mac, Darlene, Tom, Chris, Tom at Michipicoten Island
John "Mac" MacFarland, Tom & Darlene Chisholm and Tom & Christine Cardaci are at the Michipicoten Island lighthouse on July 13, 2012. Captain Keith McCuaig's 30' aluminum landing craft catamaran motored us 167 miles in Lake Superior. We had to hike uphill on narrow paths to get to the lighthouses of Davieaux Island and Otter Island. All are very remote.
Terry Pepper, Tom, Chris, Gary Martin
This is Terry Pepper, Executive Director of GLLKA, with Tom & Chris Cardaci, and Gary Martin. We're all members of GLLKA--Great Lake Lighthouse Keepers Association This was taken in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin before the Keweenaw Star docked on June 29, 2010. What a fantastic four day trip with a great crew and other enthusiasts.
Karen and John Fulton at Stannard Rock
Here are Karen and John Fulton with Stannard Rock lighthouse behind them. The four of us chartered a boat with Captain Tom Gudwer on September 10, 2009. Leaving Marquette, MI we motored 92 total miles and enjoyed the calm Lake Superior.

Thanks to John Fulton for the photo.
Christine & Tom Cardaci and Tony & Terri Melosci at Lobster Cove Head
Several times while in Newfoundland, Canada Christine & Tom Cardaci and Tony & Terri Melosci met at a lighthouse. Here we are at the Lobster Cove Head lighthouse on August 21, 2015. Lobster Cove is in the Gros Morne National Park and on the west coast of Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula. Newfoundland and Labrador is beautiful.
Jon & Anita Clay and Christine & Tom Cardaci at Brandy Pot
Jon & Anita Clay and Christine & Tom Cardaci are at the beautiful Brandy Pot (Pot à l'Eau-de-Vie) lighthouse in Quebec, Canada. On September 8, 2014 we took the B & B's great three hour boat and land tour. There was really a nice view of the St. Lawrence River from the top of the light. Book the trip yourself, you will be glad you did.
John MacFarland at Pigeon Island
On the beautiful Sunday, May 6, 2012 John "Mac" MacFarland shared a 5 hour boat trip with us. We began in Henderson Harbor, NY and went into Lake Ontario. We saw NY's Galloo Island, Canada's Main Duck Island, Canada's Pigeon Island (pictured here), NY's East Charity Shoal and NY's Horse Island in 69 miles.
Jon & Anita Clay at Prince Shoal
Here are Jon & Anita Clay at Haut Fond Prince aka Prince Shoal. The four of us were aboard the Clay's 17 foot boat photographing this light, Ile Rouge and Ile Verte. What a great two hour boat trip! Luckily we caught the tide just right. Too bad we don't have shots of the whale fluking 25 feet from the bow of the boat. This was on September 10, 2014.
Tony & Terri Melosci at Cape Norman
I took this picture of Tony & Terri Melosci near the Cape Norman lighthouse on August 23, 2015. After a few miles of driving on a dirt road we reached Cape Norman. It's the most northern point of mainland in Newfoundland, Canada. We were all very happy the fog didn't follow us from our boat charter to Quirpon Island.
Gary and Barbara Allie at Cape Neddick
This is Gary and Barbara Allie at the Cape Neddick lighthouse in Maine in 2009. Gary has spent the past 36 years sailing in the Chicago to Mackinac Island race. Every July 350+ sailboats leave the Chicago Harbor and sail 289.4 nautical miles to Mackinac Island. This is the oldest annual freshwater distance race in the world.
Thanks to Gary Allie for the photo.
Tony & Terri Melosci and Christine & Tom Cardaci at Cape Bauld
Tony & Terri Melosci and Christine & Tom Cardaci chartered a 22 foot boat to Quirpon Island, Newfoundland, Canada. As soon as Captain Boyce Roberts began to motored us the 4 ½ miles to the dock the fog blew in. We stayed 2 hours on the island in hopes that the fog would lift. While taking shots from the boat the fog lifted a little on August 23, 2015.
Tom, Chris, Mac, Tom, Darlene at Davieaux Island
On July 13, 2012 Captain Keith McCuaig motored the 5 of us out in Lake Superior to visit 3 lighthouses. First we saw Davieaux Island (here), then Michipicoten Island and Otter Island. Our 10 hour boat trip began in Heron Bay, Ontario at 4:45 am. At the lighthouse is Tom & Christine Cardaci, John "Mac" MacFarland, and Tom & Darlene Chisholm.
Nathan Miller at Portage River Lower Entrance
Nathan Miller, pictured on the breakwall, flies kites with cameras attached to them. This is the Portage River Lower Entrance light. Kite Aerial Photography is a very unique way to take shots of lighthouses. Nathan's kite camera took this shot in September 2014.

Thanks to Nathan Miller for the photo.
Mac, Darlene, Tom, Tom, Chris at Shaganash Island
John "Mac" MacFarland, Darlene & Tom Chisholm, Tom & Christine Cardaci at the Shaganash Island lighthouse. We stayed at Beyond The Giant Nature Retreats near the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. Our secluded log cabin in the woods was along Lake Superior. We were off the grid with just solar power lights, propane appliances and a composting toilet.
Clays, Chisholms and Cardacis at Cap Aux Meules in QC
On August 7, 2016 Jon/Anita Clay from IN, Tom/Darlene Chisholm from MI and Chris/Tom Cardaci from NJ were at the Cap Aux Meules lighthouse at 10:00 am. We six took the ferry from Prince Edward Island to Îles de la Madeleine, Quebec. This was the first light of our four day island trip. Awesome orange cliff formations all around.
John MacFarland at Pass a l'Outre
John "Mac" MacFarland and five other lighthouse hunters chartered a boat out of Venice, Louisiana on October 22, 2016. The Pass a l'Outre lighthouse was "Mac's" final light in a 17 year quest to see all of the USA lighthouses. This is a huge accomplishment because very few people have done this or will ever do this. Thanks to John MacFarland for the photo.
Tera Killip at Cape Agulhas
This is Tera Killip with the fresnel lens of the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse (the southern most tip of Africa). She told me that this place was awesome! Just for $1.50 she was able to climb to the top and outside the lens room. This shot was taken in late February 2009.

Thanks to Tera Killip for the photo.
Matinicus Rock Group
Here's our Matinicus Rock group on September 12, 2011 after photographing five Maine lights. Jim Wolfrum, Harry Wass, Jerry Powell, Ron Foster, John "Mac" MacFarland, Frank-Pam DePasquale, Jean Zunda, Deb-Bob Lilly, Mike Senk, and us-Chris-Tom Cardaci. This 3 ½ hour trip cost only $ 45.00 pp because we had 13 NELL members sharing the boat.
Clays and Cardacis at Cap Alright in QC
On the morning of August 8, 2016 Jon/Anita Clay, Chris/Tom Cardaci and the Chisholms walked on the grassy path to the Cap Alright lighthouse in QC. Nice mainland mountain views and red cliffs overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The Cardacis went back in the late afternoon for a different angle. We could see Entry Island in the distance.
NJLHS May 2011
Fifty NJLHS members cruised for 12 hours seeing several New Jersey and Delaware lights on May 21, 2011. A crew member took this group shot of us on the Bonanza II boat after our 122 nautical mile Delaware River trip. The highlight was photographing Bellevue Rear Range and Lightship Barnegat. We all had a great time talking on this beautiful day.
Five of us near Machias Seal Island, Canada
On September 19, 2011 we five NELL members; Tom & Christine Cardaci, Harry Wass, Jerry Powell, and John "Mac" MacFarland chartered a boat out of Milbridge, ME with Robertson Sea Tours. We saw Narraguagus, Petit Manan, Nash Island, Moose Peak, Libby Island and Machias Seal Island (pictured). An awesome day with lighthouse hunters.
Captain Goehring and April at West Sister Island
Captain Jeff "AJ" Goehring and April, his granddaughter, of ANJ Charters. Captain AJ motored us from the marina in Port Clinton, Ohio the 9 miles out to the West Sister Island lighthouse on June 23, 2010. We had cloudy skies but it was a calm two hours on the water. Dirty Jobs called it Vomit Island because the cormorants and seagulls vomit all over.
Clays at Stone Pillar in QC
After three hours of waiting for the tide to come up at the boat launch, the Clays and Cardacis motored the Clay’s boat to the off shore Pilier de Pierre aka Stone Pillar lighthouse. It took only ten minutes to get to the island in the St. Lawrence River. With the flat water the nine mile trip took 54 minutes. Great time together on October 1, 2016.
Caribou Island group
On July 11, 2012 Captain Jim MacDonald of Ferroclad Fisheries motored us 50 miles west to the Caribou Island light. John "Mac" MacFarland, Darlene & Tom Chisholm, and Chris & Tom Cardaci were so happy to finally see this very remote Canadian lighthouse. Luckily Lake Superior was still calm as we motored the 6 hours back to Batchawana Bay, ON.
Cardacis and Clays at Pointe au Pere in QC
Christine & Tom Cardaci and Jon & Anita Clay are at the Point Au Pere lighthouse in Quebec, Canada. It's sunset on October 6, 2015 and we got here just in time. Most of the lighthouses visited on this trip were day markers. We always have a great time on our lighthouse vacations with the Clays. It's great talking with others about lighthouses.
Captains Bridget and Fred Hicks at St. George's Reef
These are Captains Bridget and Fred Hicks of Golden Bear Fishing Charters out of Crescent City, CA. They took us on a 4 hour trip to see the St. George Reef light. There were many stellar sea lions there on the light's rock. We also saw the Battery Point light distantly. Hopefully you too can use them for your trip out.
Gary and Barbara Allie at
Gary and Barbara Allie are at the Punta Suarez lighthouse in Isla Espanola, Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos are a National Park of Ecuador and is around 621 miles west of Ecuador. In May 2016 they were on a 75 foot sailing catamaran tour for 8 days of hiking, snorkeling and kayaking. Very adventurous people!
Thanks to Gary Allie for the photo.
Jon, Tony, Chris, Tom, Terri, Anita in Newfoundland
We three couples were in Newfoundland, Canada. Each couple arrived days apart and in opposite locations on the island. We and the Meloscis met at several lighthouses around the island. We're having our farewell dinner in Channel Port Aux Basques, NL on August 27, 2015. We and the Clays had to catch the midnight ferry back to Nova Scotia.
Clays and Cardacis at Ile Bicquette in QC
On September 30, 2016 the Clays and Cardacis waited for the tide to come up and launched the Clay's boat. We slowly motored 44 minutes to get to the island to tie up the boat in the rocky cove. We walked to the Ile Bicquette lighthouse and took our picture without a tripod. We motored back in 20 minutes. The whole trip took 3 hours and 21 miles.
Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation
The Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation is trying to save and preserve all six reef lighthouses-Carysfort Reef, Sand Key, Sombrero Key, Alligator Reef, Fowey Rocks, and American Shoal. They often have boat charters for groups out to the lighthouses. We'll be on one of these boat charters in the future.
Thanks to FKRLF for the photo.
Chisholms and Cardacis at Caribou Island in NS
Tom and Darlene Chisholm and we, Christine and Tom Cardaci, were at Caribou Island lighthouse in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was August 1, 2016 at 6:28 pm. In October 2016 the one story section was demolished and the locals were mad. The car ferry that runs between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island passes this light. The crossing is 75 minutes.
Mac, Darlene, Tom, Chris, Tom at Battle Island
On July 14, 2012 John "Mac" MacFarland, Darlene & Tom Chisholm, Christine & Tom Cardaci used Discovery Charters to take us to Slate Islands and Battle Island in their 24' Zodiac boat. We docked and hiked to both lights. Due to the change in weather we didn't go to the distant Lamb Island light. Another great lighthouse experience.
Riccio girls at Peggy's Cove
The two young Riccio girls went to the always popular Peggy's Cove lighthouse in Nova Scotia, Canada. They had a great time while on their family vacation in 2010.

Thanks to Ralph Riccio for the photo.
John and Karen Fulton at Middle Island
Here are John and Karen Fulton with the Middle Island lighthouse behind them. It looks like another flat day on Lake Huron and a good day to be on the water. Their goal is to see all of the lighthouses in Michigan. A few years later they did see all the lighthouses in Michigan before Karen passed away in 2015.
Thanks to John Fulton for the photo.
ChesLights Group in Virginia Beach, VA
This is part of the Chesapeake Chapter of the USLHS on the Rudee Whaler at the end of our June 23, 2007 boat trip. We photographed seven of the lighthouses on the Chesapeake Bay. There were 72 passengers on this 92 mile trip. Good times!

Thanks to Joyce Holland for the photo.
Darlene, Mac, Chris, Tom, Tom at Porphyry Point
GLLKA members John "Mac" MacFarland, Darlene & Tom Chisholm, Tom & Christine Cardaci at the Porphyry Point lighthouse on July 15, 2012. Captain Bruce Wing took us out in his 50' tug boat to see this light and the Shaganash Island light. We had a good time talking and hanging out while going only 6 mph all day long. The hike to this light was on a two-track grassy road.
DeLayne and Shawne at Gloryland
The Gloryland Lighthouse in New Castle, Indiana is beautiful. DeLayne, the builder of this lighthouse and the lake, is with his wife Shawne Land. What a fantastic job they did and we told them when we met them. You can also stop by during their Annual Farmer's Pike Festival on Labor Day weekend.
Friends of Little River lighthouse
Saturday, September 17, 2011 was one of the Little River lighthouse's open house days. This was our first time seeing and climbing this light. Though not pictured Tim Harrison and Kathy Finnegan were on hand. What a beautiful Maine Lighthouse Weekend. We were also treated to a boat ride around the island. The volunteers do a great job keeping the light.
Washington Lightkeepers Association
Here are the Board Members of the the Washington Lightkeepers Association (WLA) in front of the unique Admiralty Head Lighthouse in Washington State.

Thanks to Bruce Robie for the photo.
Darlene and Tom Chisholm at Thunder Bay Main
Here are Darlene & Tom Chisholm after photographing the Thunder Bay Main lighthouse on July 18, 2012. The 4 of us used Archie's Fishing Charters out of Thunder Bay, ON to see this, Welcome Island, Trowbridge Island, Angus Island, Pie Island, and Mission Channel. We were given a private tour of Trowbridge which included a climb to the top of the light.
Five of us near Libby Island, ME
On the beautiful Monday, September 19, 2011 five NELL members; John "Mac" MacFarland, Tom & Christine Cardaci, Jerry Powell & Harry Wass chartered a boat with Robertson Sea Tours. We saw Narraguagus, Petit Manan, Nash Island, Moose Peak, Libby Island and Machias Seal Island. What a fantastic day! We've all now completed the Maine lights.
Bob Ojamaa at Parkers in CA
This is Bob Ojamaa in front of the Parkers Lighthouse in Long Beach, California on November 9, 2011. Bob traveled to the west coast for vacation. He got to visit with some of his friends and photograph a few lighthouses during his trip.

Thanks to Bob Ojamaa for the photo.
Gary and Barbara Allie at Point Atkinson in BC
Gary and Barbara Allie at the Point Atkinson lighthouse in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in August 2017. They followed a rugged trail, over rocks and through gullies. It’s fun to explore the area and to take pictures from several angles. Beautiful beginning to your 50th wedding anniversary celebration.
Thanks to Gary Allie for the photo.
Gary Schwenck's cycling group
This cyclist group C shot was taken on day 3 in Rincon, Puerto Rico. The cycling group meets in different locations often.

Thanks to Gary Schwenck for the photo.
ChesLights Group in Virginia Beach, VA
This is part of the Chesapeake Chapter of the USLHS on the Rudee Angler at the end of our June 24, 2007 boat trip. We photographed four of the lighthouses on the Chesapeake Bay. There were 55 passengers on this 51 mile trip. Good times!

Thanks to Joyce Holland for the photo.
Capt. Turpin at Battle Island
Captain Paul Turpin of Discovery Charters with his grandson, Carter, at the Battle Island lighthouse. On July 14, 2012 we and 3 others chartered them to take us to the Slate Islands light and Battle Island light in their 24' Zodiac. Carter was a great first mate and during our hikes guided us to the lighthouses. A great day on Canada's Lake Superior.
Tim Prado at Edgartown Harbor
Tim Prado visited the Edgartown Harbor lighthouse on Martha's Vineyard in 2015. The family had a nice relaxing vacation in Massachusetts and enjoyed the beach.

Thanks to Rich Prado for the photo.
Thomasine and Len Ferm at Lovers Leap
Here are Thomasine & Len Ferm in front of the Lovers Leap Lighthouse in Jamaica. We hope you have a great time on your next lighthouse adventure. Happy Hunting you two!

Thanks to Len Ferm for the photo.
Teresa Reis at Cabo da Roca
This is Teresa Reis at the Cabo da Roca lighthouse. It's located near Sintra, near Lisboa, Portugal. To see more about Teresa check out her Facebook group.

Thanks to Teresa Reis for the photo.
Thomasine and Len Ferm at Cape Neddick
Here are Thomasine & Len Ferm at Cape Neddick in York, Maine. This was their first time participating in the Mid-Coast Maine Lighthouse Challenge in 2010. They traveled all the way from New Jersey for the lighthouse challenge.

Thanks to Len Ferm for the photo.
Knot Easy Sportfishing Charters near Romer Shoal
Knot Easy Sportfishing Charters often motored past the lighthouses in the Sandy Hook Bay in New Jersey. In the distance with the other fishing boats is the Romer Shoal lighthouse. Captain Matt Kane owned

Thanks to Capt. Matt Kane for the photo.
Buddy and Brenda McKnight at Sandy Hook
On September 3, 2006 Buddy McKnight asked Brenda to marry him while in front of the Sandy Hook lighthouse. Brenda of course said, "Yes!"

Thanks to Buddy McKnight for the photo.
Piedras Blancas Keeper
At the Piedras Blancas lighthouse near San Simeon, CA this guide is dressed in period clothes.

Thanks to Marlena Ramey for the photo.
Jim and Nadine Shaner at Turkey Point
Here are Jim & Nadine Shaner at the Turkey Point Lighthouse during the 2006 Maryland Lighthouse Challenge. Jim spends all his vacation time walking across the country asking people to pray for America.

Thanks to Jim Shaner for the photo.
Thanks to Gary Martin of Gary Martin Photography for the title photo at the top of the page. This group photo is from a New England Lighthouse Lovers - NELL trip in the spring of 2009.
This page is about you, your lighthouse group, and the other lighthouse hunters. Do you want a photo of you with a lighthouse on here? Email me the photo along with a short caption telling me your name, the lighthouse name and location of the lighthouse you are near. We hope to hear about your lighthouse adventures. Updated on January 21, 2018.
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