Ship John Shoal Lighthouse
Sea Breeze, New Jersey
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Updated in May 2011
Name: Ship John Shoal Lighthouse
Nearest City: Sea Breeze, New Jersey
Location: Off-shore
Body of water: Delaware Bay
Style of lighthouse: Caisson
Lens & Location: VRB-25 in the lantern room
Other Lens: 4th Order Fresnel Lens is at the United States Coast Guard Air Station in Atlantic City, NJ
Lighthouse Website:
Groups to join: New Jersey Lighthouse Society
Owned by: United States Coast Guard
Managed by:
National Register of Historic Places: Since July 19, 2006
New Jersey Register of Historic Places: Yes
Do the grounds have lodging: No
Web Cams: No
On a license plate: No
On a USPS Stamp: No
Haunted: No
Other Lighthouse Information:
A concrete platform was built on one of the two piles of rocks, that's on either side of the lighthouse, to hold tanks and now it holds solar panels. The name of the lighthouse is painted on the side. Often during the NJ Lighthouse Challenge weekend, boat trips are offered to a few off shore lights.

The Lighthouse Hunters Experience:
To see this lighthouse and several other off-shore lights in the Delaware Bay we went on the Cape May Whale Watcher twice. The first time we motored 80 miles in 4 ½ hours seeing the Cape May, Brandywine Shoal, Fourteen Foot Bank, Miah Maull Shoal, Cross Ledge, Elbow of Cross Ledge and Ship John Shoal lights. The second time we motored for 6 ½ hours seeing all those lights again plus the Harbor of Refuge and Delaware Breakwater lighthouses. We loved these boat trips and even had a buffet lunch with shrimp cocktail and dessert while on the boat. On May 21, 2011 we were on the Bonanza II boat with 50 NJLHS members photographing the lights in the Delaware River for 12 hours. The highlight of the trip was this and the Lightship Barnegat.
Photographed it: August 3, 2001, June 11, 2006, May 21, 2011

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Latitude: 39.30532 Longitude: -75.376626

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Ship John Shoal Lighthouse
Photo taken on June 11, 2006
Ship John Shoal Lighthouse
Photo taken on May 21, 2011
Ship John Shoal Lighthouse
Photo taken on June 11, 2006
Ship John Shoal Lighthouse
Photo taken on June 11, 2006
Ship John Shoal Lighthouse
Photo taken on June 11, 2006
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