Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
North Wildwood, New Jersey
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Updated in April 2011
Name: Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
Nearest City: North Wildwood, New Jersey
Location: 111 North Central Avenue North Wildwood, NJ 08260
Body of water: Hereford Inlet & Atlantic Ocean
Style of lighthouse: Integral
Lens & Location: modern light in the lantern room
Other Lens: 2nd 4th Order Fresnel Lens is on display on the 1st floor of the light
Lighthouse Website: Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
Organizations: Friends of the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
Groups to join: New Jersey Lighthouse Society
Owned by: NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection Division of Parks & Forestry
Managed by: Hereford Lighthouse Commission
National Register of Historic Places: Since September 20, 1977
New Jersey’s Register of Historic Places: Yes
Do the grounds have lodging: No
Web Cams: No
On a license plate: No
On a USPS Stamp: No
Haunted: No

Other Lighthouse Information:
Hereford Inlet lighthouse is a near twin of Point Fermin lighthouse in California. In 2003 the white and marroon colored lighthouse was painted a bluff color (the historically accurate color). The grounds are filled with plants and beautiful flowers. Check their website for the hours of operation and the history of the Hereford Inlet lighthouse. They also have a cool virtual tour you can take on their site. Many New Jersey lighthouses, including this one, take part in the annual NJ Lighthouse Challenge.

The Lighthouse Hunters Experience:
We've been here several times over the years on our way to or from other lighthouses. Personally we've found it difficult to photograph the lighthouse from certain angles and distances due to the surrounding plants. We almost forgot that we saw the lighthouse when it was painted a different color. The last time we were here we photographed the lighthouse from the boardwalk.

Photographed it: several times, the last visit was on September 22, 2008

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Latitude: 39.00683 Longitude: -74.79156

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Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
Photo taken on September 22, 2008
Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
Photo taken on March 12, 2005
Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
Photo taken on March 12, 2005
Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
Photo taken on February 18, 2001
Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
Photo taken on March 12, 2005
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