Sabine Bank Lighthouse
Sabine Bank, Texas
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Updated in April 2012
Name: Sabine Bank Lighthouse
Nearest City: Sabine Bank, Texas
Location: In Bert Karrer Lions Park
Body of water: Gulf of Mexico
Style of lighthouse: Sparkplug
Lens & Location: 3rd Order Fresnel Lens is on display at the Museum of the Gulf Coast in Port Arthur, Texas
Other Lens:
Lighthouse Website:
Groups to join:
Owned by: City of Sabine Pass
Managed by:
National Register of Historic Places: No
Do the grounds have lodging: No
Web Cams: No
On a license plate: No
On a USPS Stamp: No
Haunted: No

Other Lighthouse Information:
The Sabine Pass lighthouse stood about 15 miles from the Louisiana-Texas border and the entrance to the Sabine River. This cast iron sparkplug style lighthouse fell into severe disrepair after being automated in 1945. In 1971 the Fresnel lens was removed from the lantern room and the tower was converted to solar power. In 2002 the lantern room of the lighthouse was dismantled. It was replaced by a steel skeleton tower on the old foundation. The restored lantern room of the Sabine Bank lighthouse is on display in Bert Karrer Lions Park.

The Lighthouse Hunters Experience:
It's a shame that we weren't able to see the lighthouse at its original location. We had a beautiful 55° after 10:00 am when we got to the Sabine Bank light in Bert Karrer Lions Park. Tommy and I each walked inside the refurbished lighthouse. We each took pictures of the other looking out through the little window. This was the second lighthouse spot for the day.

Photographed it: March 14, 2005

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Latitude: 29.73482 Longitude: -93.89392

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Sabine Bank Lighthouse
Photo taken on March 14, 2005
Sabine Bank Lighthouse
Photo taken on March 14, 2005
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