Pelican Bay Lighthouse
Harbor, Oregon
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Updated in September 2012
Name: Pelican Bay Lighthouse
Nearest City: Harbor, Oregon
Location: Above the Port of Brookings Harbor
Body of water: Chetco Cove & Pacific Ocean
Style of lighthouse: Integral
Lens & Location: Fixed acrylic Fresnel lens in the lantern room
Lighthouse Website:
Organizations: Oregon Chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society
Groups to join: United States Lighthouse Society
Owned by: Bill and Jo Ann Cady
Managed by: Bill and Jo Ann Cady
National Register of Historic Places: No
Do the grounds have lodging: No
Web Cams: No
On a license plate: No
On a USPS Stamp: No
Haunted: No

Other Lighthouse Information:
The Pelican Bay lighthouse is one of the newest in the United States and the second private lighthouse in Oregon. Bill Cady wanted to add a lighthouse to his home. He moved his home to its current location, perched on the corner of a 100 foot cliff, in 1997. The lighthouse was added and the tower is 141 feet above the Pacific Ocean. The Coast Guard commissioned the lighthouse as a private aid to navigation on June 24, 1999 and it was first lit on July 4, 1999. The lamp is a fixed acrylic Fresnel lens and turns on at dusk and off at dawn and can be seen 11 miles away. The $3,000 clear lens runs on 110 alternating current. Inside there are four 12 volt lamps each with a life of 3,000 hours. If one light burns out, the bulb is automatically replaced with the next one by means of a built-in changer. The Coast Guard Station is nearby. You can see California's St. George Reef lighthouse far off shore to the southwest.

The Lighthouse Hunters Experience:
We came to this area three times and only the first time we had sun, the rest we had clouds and a threat of rain. We stood on the street or in the lower parking lot to take our pictures.

Photographed it: June 15, 2002 / June 7, 2006 / August 16, 2010

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Latitude: 42.04213 Longitude: -124.26357

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Pelican Bay Lighthouse
Photo taken on June 7, 2006
Pelican Bay Lighthouse
Photo taken on June 15, 2002
Pelican Bay Lighthouse
Photo taken on August 16, 2010
Pelican Bay Lighthouse
Photo taken on June 7, 2006
Pelican Bay Lighthouse
Photo taken on June 7, 2006
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