Cockspur Island Lighthouse
Tybee Island, Georgia
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Next to Little Cumberland Island Lighthouse
Updated in August 2012
Name: Cockspur Island Lighthouse
Nearest City: Tybee Island, Georgia
Location: On the eastern end of Cockspur Island
Body of water: Savannah River
Style of lighthouse: Conical
Lens & Location:
Other Lens:
Lighthouse Website:
Organizations: Friends of Cockspur Island Lighthouse
Owned by: National Park Service
Managed by: Fort Pulaski National Monument
National Register of Historic Places: No
Do the grounds have lodging: No
Web Cams: No
On a license plate: No
On a USPS Stamp: No
Haunted: No

Other Lighthouse Information:
At one point a twin tower was built nearby on Oyster Bed Island to mark the river's north channel but it didn't survive. Between 1995-2000 the Cockspur Island lighthouse was restoration with a new lantern room, repaired brickwork, two coats of whitewash. The lighthouse was relit with solar power on March 18, 2007 in a ceremony held by the National Park Service and the U.S. Coast Guard. It's part of Fort Pulaski National Monument and marks the southern channel of the Savannah River. It is said that one could walk to the lighthouse from Fort Pulaski at low tide though it might be marshy. The lighthouse was built on a bed of oyster shells ¾ miles out. You can also get a distant view from Lazaretto Creek Bridge on US-80 or from the top of Fort Pulaski.

The Lighthouse Hunters Experience:
The first and third times we saw the Cockspur Island lighthouse was distantly from the side of Highway 80. On April 19, 2007 out of Tybee Island, GA we were aboard Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours. We got pretty close to the Cockspur Island light and then saw the Tybee Island lighthouse distantly. During the 75 minute cruise we were happy to see a few dolphins and pelicans. We had a good trip.

Photographed it: April 12, 2003 / April 19, 2007 / April 10, 2008

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Latitude: 32.0227 Longitude: -80.88007

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Cockspur Island Lighthouse
Photo taken on April 19, 2007
Cockspur Island Lighthouse
Photo taken on April 19, 2007
Cockspur Island Lighthouse
Photo taken on April 19, 2007
Cockspur Island Lighthouse
Photo taken on April 12, 2003
Cockspur Island Lighthouse
Photo taken on April 19, 2007
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